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POD HD500x buttons not responding


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I bought a used POD HD500x a couple months ago. It turns on and I can play through it. But here's the deal: the buttons in the upper left hand corner don't respond as they should. The "view" button doesn't respond at all when I press it. When I press down the dial just above it, the set lists come up on the screen but quickly disappear in favor of the setup screen. Sometimes, I can get to the set lists and to individual sounds on those playlists. But after awhile, the same thing happens. It flips back to the setup screens and it's nearly impossible to get back to a set list.


Is this a hardware problem, a software problem, or all of the above? What should I do next?


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Maybe someone spilt their drink on it. Can you see any sticky residue around and under the knobs? If that's the case, then the unit needs to be taken apart and cleaned. I would not advise doing this on your own if you don't know what you're doing.

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Rather than start a new thread, I thought I'd piggyback on this one as it also relates to the same general area and a second-hand POD HD500X.


My issue is on the right-hand side, the Direction Buttons (Left/Right/Up/Down) and the Enter Button don't work at all. The Move button does work as normal. Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue and fixed it successfully.


Things I've tried:

  • Opened the unit and cleaned everything with compressed air.
  • Cleaned all switches with Electrical Contact Cleaner (DeoxIT in USA, SCA Electrical Contact & Parts Cleaner in AUS)
  • Reinstalled firmware using Line 6 Monkey
  • Powering the PCB while out of the case and bridging the legs of the little 6mm tactile switches to try and manually trigger.
  • Testing all of the tactile switches with a multimeter to make sure that pressing them creates a momentary connection while engaged.

The unit will connect to Line 6 POD HD500X Edit with no problems at all and I can make and save presets. Just editing on the device itself that's near impossible without these 5 buttons.

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