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Problem with D string while playing 12string guitars


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I have an interesting bug in my Shuriken Variax I need to fix
Whatever 12string guitar I use theres a problem with D string.
When I play open D string the parallel (high) note is not in octave

but octave plus one halfstep... Therefore only this string is out of tune.
Funny thing is when I start pressing frets on D string the harmonics are

octave as the shoud be... This bug is only while playing open D string.


Any ideas how to fix it, Already went through factory reset.


Thanks Zabis

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1) Is the Alt Tune engaged? If so, it may be 'dual tone effect', where you hear the sound from the strings in standard tuning,

while hearing the Alt Tune sound from the amp. Using headphones or turning up the amp minimizes the effect.


2) Do you have the Shuriken bundle loaded? If so, select User III, toggle-1, and tell me which string is sounding.


3) The intonation may need to be checked.


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Intonation or string nut, and being in 12-string mode just brings out more.


I use barred harmonics at frets 12, 7 and 5, in12-string mode to check for frequency

artifacts like that when I service Variax guitars here. It brings out things like that.


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