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Dt25h Newbie With A Couple Of Quick Questions


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Hey all -

I'm picking up a DT25 head, and am looking for some help from current users please:


I've got a loaded pedalboard I'd like to try out before thinking about a Pod HD board.  So I need a double footswitch and cable just to switch channels and reverb.  Where do I get these?  Any particular brand better than the other?


The one pedal I'm lacking is an overdrive.  Any suggestions for a good one to match up with this head for classic rock and dirty blues?


If I go the Pod HD route, it seems like the 300 provides the basics....I'm a basic type of guy.  But, I want to make sure I get what I need.  What are the top 2 or 3 reasons to consider a 400 or 500 over the base model? 


Thanks for the info!  Looking forward to getting back into Line 6 gear.... the last one I had was one of the original Vettas.

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Top reason for 500 over both 300/400:

- flexible FX assignment. In both 300/400 you are constrained to only 1 selection from each of the FX1/2/3 slots. That means, for instance, only one of compressor, distortion, overdrive, or EQ FX in any preset.

.... And there are several other good reasons.... Best bang for the buck in my opinion. If you can get a used HD500x for a similar price as a used HD500, go for the x.


Top reasons for 400 over 300:

- more convenient preset switching using foot switches

- FX loop

.... But both may leave you wishing you had spent the extra $$ PROVIDED THAT you are willing to spend some time to learn the extra complexity of the 500/x over the 300/400.

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Thanks for the info.  I think that's the deal.....I don't want a real complex rig.  I'm in a blues/rock cover band, so we do a large variety of sounds.  I'm really buying this for good Fender cleans, and a good Marshall crunch.  There's just not a lot of options in a 1x12 at 25-40 watts that will do both.  I don't use a lot of effects, and once I've got two channels set up, I'm good to go.  If this amp will do that without a floorboard, I'm good to go!


Any ideas on a two-button footswitch?  The Line 6 site is pretty generic about that.

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Any generic 2 button will work. Typical TRS plug.


Update the head to firmware 2.0 and you can get just about any tones you will need for classic rock.


Thanks for the info. I think that's the deal.....I don't want a real complex rig. I'm in a blues/rock cover band, so we do a large variety of sounds. I'm really buying this for good Fender cleans, and a good Marshall crunch. There's just not a lot of options in a 1x12 at 25-40 watts that will do both. I don't use a lot of effects, and once I've got two channels set up, I'm good to go. If this amp will do that without a floorboard, I'm good to go!


Any ideas on a two-button footswitch? The Line 6 site is pretty generic about that.

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For the type of music that you mentioned,the DT25 will blow you away without any effects.  It sounds incredible.  I bought the Dream Rig, and I've had it for less than a week, but last night I tried just plugging a guitar straight into the DT25 and it sounded amazing.


As for the switch, just about any 2 channel footswitch should do.  They're all over ebay for about $30.  I'm using the one that came with my '91 Peavey Bravo 112.  It works great except that it's backwards.  The channel switch handles the reverb and vice versa.  No big deal and, if it starts to annoy me, I can always put a couple of pieces of tape on it as new labels.


I love the HD500X but the DT25 doesn't need it to sound incredible. 

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Great advice and help... I appreciate it!  I think I'm going to try my pedal board.  I only use a Corona Chorus, HOF reverb, Strymon "Leslie" and Crybaby wah.  I assume I won't need a dirt pedal with all the bells and whistles on this thing... but if I do, I'll pick up an OCD or something.  If that doesn't get it, then I'll get the 500x. 


I'll pick up a footswitch on eBay, but the TRS cable is not something I'm familar with.  Any advice on that?  Thanks so much again!

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One more for you: I'm used to gigging with a 2x12 cab sitting on the short end, with a head on top. This raises some of the sound off the floor and puts the head at a level that is easy to tweak on-the-fly. Aside from purchasing a second 1x12 cab, does anyone know of a solution to raise the DT25 head and 1x12 cab up off the floor 18" - 24"? Something compact/collapsible and stable?

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If you can afford the $$, get an HD500x. Just because you don't intend to use every one of the FX on the HD500, doesn't make it any less of an excellent tone machine.


A couple of thoughts for you to consider:


- Line6Link: when using an HD500 or 500x with the DT, you can connect them using the L6link feature. This is utilizing the preamp portions of the HD amp models, while using the DT to provide the rest of the signal. It configures the DT amp to run in "combo" or "stack" mode, depending on the type of DT. In your case, "Stack/poweramp". This option disable the mic and room modeling from the HD500; however the XLR out on the DT adds cabinet modeling back in ,so that signal sounds appropriate for recording and sending to the PA, monitors, etc.


- "Offline" tone creation: when not using the DT amp, you can still dial in your patches and FX routing, utilizing the HD500 in 'studio direct' mode at home / studio, etc., and use it for direct recording, or direct monitoring to any available speaker. There may be gig situations where bringing the DT is not feasible, and being able to bring just the HD500x will enable you "your sound" in a portable form. I personally build my patches with *very* sparse use of the FX. Compressor, Drive, Reverb, and Delay. Sometimes I will add a second reverb and set the footswitch to toggle between two reverbs, usually a light, subtle spring 'verb, and something more spacious, for effect.


-JTV guitar: if you ever decide to get on the Variax train, the HD500 is a very useful item to have for pairing with the JTV. All additional control features aside, the HD500x powers the JTV, which is a good thing. Beyond that, you can do a whole ton of cool things with an HD500x, in terms of how the JTV interacts with the HD500, like, set certain FX parameters to be controlled by the tone knob on the JTV. Like drive, gain, delay settings, etc.


It may seem like overkill, when you intend to only use a few pedals. As far as the non-HD500 pedal route, I definitely love the simplicity of one or two good pedals. Keeley is my all time favorite pedal designer. That being said, since you already have the beginnings of the 'dream rig', at least take some time to read up and if possible, plug in and listen, to what the DT and HD do when paired.


One last thing, the most recent DT firmware update does allow you access all the HD amp models on the DT - I am not sure about the specifics of how that works, I think you still are limited to the # of channels hardwired on the DT, but I think you can now assign any of the HD models to any of the settings on the DT, replacing the 'stock' four or eight or whatever it comes with. I use an HD500 with my DT25 1x12 combo, and so I never actually did the DT firmware update. I think you need a MIDI interface to update the DT firmware, it doesn't use the standard USB to L6 Monkey type connection.


That's my two cents! I just look at in terms of, two or three good analog pedals will cost more than one HD500x, new. I mean, a Keeley 4-knob comp is around $250. A Keeley Time Machine is $290. To get a decent collection of volume pedal, wah, compressor, noise gate, distortion pedal, reverb pedal,chorus pedal and delay pedal, you could easily spend $2,000-$3,000.


While it may not *seem* now like you need all those pedals, that is really just the tip of the iceberg for many people, in terms of 'stock' effects.


Why I like the HD500 route so to speak, is you don't have to use ALL of these FX at once. You program your favorite amp models, and you dial in FX blocks that you like, and create a handful of good patches, using FX where needed. I just like to know, that if I need them, any of the M-Class (M9, M13) series FX are available without any added cabling or pedal power needed.


And since most external pedals run in series, when the one in the middle of your signal chain goes out, the whole pedal train stops working.


But that's just my opinion! I actually feel pretty at home programming patches, and using 'digital' FX. I did it backwards from you; I bought my HD500 in 2010, the DT25 in 2014. By then, I had gotten accustomed to programming the HD500, using it with a variety of amps and monitors, speakers, PA's, keyboard amps, etc. Plus used it ALOT at home for recording.


So for me, the DT was a natural extension of the rig I was already at home with. So I can why you are looking at it as, do you really need the HD500, or will the DT with some pedals do the trick? That's why I suggested plugging an HD500x into your DT rig, and see what the L6Link does for your sound, see if you like it, and how it works.


Cheers! Best of luck to ya finding the right fit for your rig

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Does it allow the cab and head to sit level? There cannot be any tilt, and I noticed the name of the stand has "tilt back" in it. Thanks!


You can set it for level or pretty much any angle you want and you can adjust the height too.  Set your 2X12 on it horizontally, not vertically and you will be fine.  It works for me...


Here is a pic of mine with my combo at the moment but it holds my 2X12 and head just fine...

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