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Interface looks nice!


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i got it and tried all 3 out....sounds great through headphones but not my monitors....dunno why...but every plugin i have tried is that way....maybe thats how it is....any tips would be welcomed....and if anyone else is having the same thing happen...i wish my pod go had presets that sounded this good out of the gate....some of the lead patches are insane good....and the cleans are unreal.....the dry distortions well...not so good...unless heard through headphones of course lol....and i didnt mess with any settings yet....ill be up all night testing it out...l.eave me your thoughts those who have it and are jamming it

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On 3/15/2022 at 10:55 PM, DolurumMafikala said:

Wishing we had this interface for Helix Native!



Absolutly agree !!!


Is there a way to resize the gui ? 

It would be great to have complete suite with all the 3 editions. I´m missing the overdrive pedals from the modern edition in the others.

Please add a Tubescreamer pedal to all the edtions !

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