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HELP! setting up vocal mic into HELIX LT w/ mic


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I'm new to this so I should apologize before hand. I can't find any specific information regarding how to setup a vocal mic into the Helix LT, with a guitar. I was told it can be done, there's tons of forums and video related to this regarding impedance issues or for the Helix floor.  If anyone could help, guide me to a resource of any kind it would be greatly appreciated. Can't find anything related to this in the manual as well. I admit Im a noob, what am I'm missing here. Please help, thanks!!!

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I’m a bit confused because your title say ‘…. w/mic’ but in your message you say ‘…with a guitar’. I’m going to assume you want to know how to set up your Helix LT so that you process both your guitar and a mic for vocals separately.


Connect your guitar to the Guitar Input. Set Path 1 Input to Guitar.

Connect your mic (dynamic, not condenser) to the 1/4” Return 1 input. Use an adapter if necessary. Set Path 2 Input to Return 1. Set the Return 1 Level to get a proper input level from the mic. Edit: There is no Level setting when you use Return 1 as an Input block.


Add your desired processing blocks to each path and route the output(s) to your destination device(s).

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