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Hi all, I've had a longstanding issue with my helix and pod go which I can't seem to find any advice on in the manual or other forums


Basically my helix is set to 4 stomps and 4 snaps 


I have two delays assigned to one button a delay with low feedback and mix and a second delay with high feedback and mix, when I activate the delay with high feedback and mix the first time the button its assigned to will light up green to signify that its on and the other delay is bypassed, after a while of playing and switching between snapshots the assigned button seems to get confused and the button lights up green to signify that the short delay is on within some snapshots but will light up green to signify the long delay is on within other snapshots, the only solution to resolve this is to exit the preset i'm on and re enter


Is there any solution to this I have done a fair amount of research and can't seem to find anything, I've used both snapshot recall and discard to no avail and I experience a similar issue on the pod go as well


Any help is much appreciated 



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Not sure this will help with the light issue.... but a few things I do when I have multiple of the same effect.


1) do you use your expression pedal for anything?  You could assign the bypass functions to the expression pedal travel with the engage % at 50%.  Thus, <50% is shorter delay, >50% is the greater delay


2) Could you utilize 'Stomp' Mode (not familiar with the Pod GUI, I have full Helix) and basically 'rebuild' your 4 stomp/4 snap layout?  If you have the full Helix you would have access to 10 button stomp mode (global settings) and could then create additional snaps that utilize the shorter/longer delays as needed?


3) Using the above Stomp Mode again, you could assign the delays to seperate stomp buttons (again if you have 10 button mode available)


4)  I dont use stomp assigns very much so this may not be feasible.....   Can't you assign multiple parameters to a Stomp Switch?  So if you had a single Delay block (not 2), you could then go to the Mix% parameter (using HX Edit, I'm more fluent this way from memory) and right-click to assign a controller......say footswitch 7, and then assign the min/max settings.  Repeat that process for all parameters that change between the 2 delays you have now.  Then your footswitch would always reflect a min/max, short/long, off/on sort of status with the LED for that footswitch.  The only trick would be setting the right parameters for light on vs light off and saving the preset so it loads with the correct settings loaded.  

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Thanks for this, much appreciated!


4) ran into the same issue for some reason, Ive tried assigning it to the expression pedal and its working well and actually a lot more flexible having the sweep as opposed to just two preset options, I used to do something similar with the mix knob on my el capistan where I where have used a sweep of settings by moving the mix knob with my foot

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