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OK so who has one and what do you think?


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I just got the 100W a few days ago and all I can say is my DSL40 and Katana are going up on Craigslist.  I know the whole effects situation is a little weird but pair it with an HX Effects and boom.  Full MIDI functions and great effects all in one.


I'm really happy with it.  Best modeling amp I've every played through.



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Yes, I love the sounds it comes out with. But I don’t like the lack of 5-pin MIDI on the 60W. And they’re a lot bigger than the equivalent Kats.

Maybe the bigger cabinet helps the sound? But I’d prefer them to be nearer in size to the Katana.


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What I don't like/understand is that while the Catalysts have all these effects etc in them, our only option for a footswitch is a 2-button???


I play out and only being able to control 2 channels and an effect is limiting.   Whats the point of having all these onboard effects and banks/channels if you can't access them in a live setting?


Hopefully Line 6 will be releasing a more comprehensive footswitch that allows us more access to the Catalyst's great sounds/effects while playing live, as that'd allow me to get rid of my cumbersome pedalboard.   


I have the 60W btw.

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On 3/20/2022 at 6:20 PM, jamiescale said:

What I don't like/understand is that while the Catalysts have all these effects etc in them, our only option for a footswitch is a 2-button???


I play out and only being able to control 2 channels and an effect is limiting.   Whats the point of having all these onboard effects and banks/channels if you can't access them in a live setting?


Hopefully Line 6 will be releasing a more comprehensive footswitch that allows us more access to the Catalyst's great sounds/effects while playing live, as that'd allow me to get rid of my cumbersome pedalboard.   


I have the 60W btw.


The point of the Catalyst isn't really to be an all-in-one modeling amp... It's primarily meant to be a boutique style 2-channel amp. The effects are kind of there as a bonus, in a way. Or you might think of them in the same sense like a Fender amp has built-in tremolo along with spring reverb. I think they wanted something that people could use with their pedalboards, not necessarily replace them. Line 6 has other solutions for that sort of thing.

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I'm actually returning my 60W....wasted enough time screwing around researching USB-to-midi adapters etc...


That Line 6 included effects and multiple banks of channels and presets then kept them captive in the amp (inaccessible by a footswitch) is unacceptable. 

Honestly, why bother if we can't access them in a live setting??? Ugh...


I'd happily buy a 5-6 button Line6 Catalyst Footswitch if they made one...


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On 3/22/2022 at 11:27 AM, PaulTBaker said:

so these things are the replacement to the dt50 and dt25?

They’re somewhat in the same vein, I guess. They’re probably most like the old Flextone series in some ways, but I really think Line 6 wanted to make an affordable modeling amp that didn’t necessarily feel like a modeling amp.

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I loved my dt25's, however, in my experience, they were very fragile.  I had to keep replacing the tubes and had several visits to the repair shop.  My last "died" when I tried to update it so I could use it with the helix.  Very sad!


I am very happy now with the helix floor and pc+ 112 stacked on a pc212.  very happy indeed :)

I guess I have to try this new thing now!!!!  I have no will power :)

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Got a 60 on Monday. I guess I should hold off on my opinion until the honeymoon is over but...


My fingers are sore for the first time in many years. :)


I think it's good. Beautiful clean to edge of breakup with subtle differences depending on tone knob settings, gain settings and of course amp model. Also, excellent response to tone controls. No harsh or spikey treble.


I play a lot at low volume, and I believe it is the best amp for that I have owned. My Strat loves it.


Not a fan of the inflexible boost implementation but I just consider it a compromise I can live with. It's not bad. I would like to see an update to save the sag and bias settings as defaults for the amp models so manual mode has the feel I like.


No opinion on pedals yet. Still testing but thus far have plugged the HX Stomp into the power amp in (sans IRs or cabs) and it sounds amazing too.

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On 3/25/2022 at 8:54 PM, stevekc said:

I believe one of the CME WIDI offerings will allow wireless access to IOS/Android tablet running the Catalyst Editor  -


also  Xsonic AirStep + CME WIDI (on paper)should allow a wireless foot switch support for Catalyst.

The editor isn’t using MIDI, so I wouldn’t expect the WIDI adapter to do give wireless access to the editor, unfortunately. It would work for MIDI control, though.

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Got the 60 last week 3/30. I must say I don't understand some negative posts. This is a plug in & play 2ch amp with a variety of the best of breed sounds and they are amazingly good. Great flexibility with XLR, fx send return... great fx thrown in, so light, small, loud and 300$ cheap. What not to love?


See, I have a 70s Marshall 100W Super Bass with 4X15 CAB and 4X12 creambacks CAB. It's the best but not dragging it around. I have a 70s Fender Deluxe Reverb it is amazing but still quite heavy, not dragging this one for every week rehearsals. Also to loud to practice at home, as with all valves at low volume the sound is lost. The Catalyst 60 I can rehearse at home, at 3AM 3W, with a baby sleeping with headphones - and the sound stays consistent. In that respect FRFR? no! They are not AMP in the Room. I do have the PowerCab but it is not compatible with rotating bands gear. I play regularly at collage so I have to settle every week with whatever is there at the time (various small AMPs they have) which drives me nuts as I have to readjust to every amp to get my sound which doesn't happen more often than does. The Catalyst 60 is quite interchangeable with a house amps and I don't mind others using it as it is not that expensive. Therefore I can bring it anytime to anyplace any venue, even get them to take the XLR instead of the stupid mic, and get my exact sound as I want it - every time.


As for additional fx. Actually I will attempt to get all the sounds I need, at least the two basic Clean and Rock, with just the amp. If I want more fx, I got the HX Stomp.

As for switching presets on the AMP, with what, that one I need to think about. Maybe XSonic Airstep with WIDI, maybe that into the HX Stomp and then WIDI? Hmm..

Maybe there are some limitations however, what, only a few minutes ago (like with Marshall and Fender and all the venues), I had the random house AMP set and that's it - don't touch! Now, I'm going to breeze in with guitar & HX Stomp in on my back, Catalyst 60 in one hand and a Free Hand to spare :-)


Bottom line - It's the AMP I've been waiting for!

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I may revise this later as more details and testing continues
I only have access to a Catalyst 200

Purchased open box from Sam Ash

I suspect prior owner felt the rotary Amp select switch was prone to random behavior. specifically at the change between CHIME and CRUNCH amp models

Since I had the Amp Chassis out. A small spritz of Caig DeOxit on the Encoder area where its contacts emerge on the side of the problem Amp Type Rotary  Encoder solved that issue

I took the amp apart , and discovered a high reliable Main PCB,  With Dual 100 watt @ 4 ohm Mono Class D Power Amps. Good Cirrus CS4272 24 bit codecs using 2 A/D's per signal input (Guitar In, FX Return )  for maximum dynamic range.

Stereo signal fed in into the TRS Aux Input appears in summed Mono to the internal Speakers. While stereo Aux signal can be monitored in Stereo via the TRS Headphone output. I expect Stereo USB  Playback Audio to be able to be monitored in Stereo via Headphone Out as well.

The internal Catalyst Guitar processing and FX are  Mono only

Using the LFS2 latching footswitch , there is a short gap of silence on Amp A/B channel selection change.

I'm glad I got the 200 , because the amp is voiced on the darker side - sounds of Bill Frizzel. Or Mark Knopfler "Shangri-La" era are easy and apparent- which is a great tone when playing lower volumes in smaller rooms without ice pick treble bleed.

A rookie who A/B tests Catalyst vs Katana may prefer the Katana 100. KATANA  has as a higher piercing treble and perhaps is capable of a bit higher decibel output.

But I'm enjoying the polished tones emerging from Catalyst vs the Katana which often becomes a treble spike ear bleed without taming Katanas global EQ.

To be continued

Internal Views 

Remember Catalyst has far fewer FX resources, vs Mustang GTX

Catalyst channel switching is sluggish with a noticeable mute

For professional use Catalyst is suited more for owners of Helix, Headrush, Kemper, Fractal, and want a guitar speaker power cab. With emergency fall back mode using Catalyst standalone. And work guitar Vol/Tone controls for Rhythm/Solo-old school

I figure a novice at guitar center may walk out with a Katana

While mature folks with older ears , and no desire for an ice pick in the ear amp experience will prefer a Quilter, then a Catalyst. 

The Catalyst tones are nice. And suitable if you are only guitarist on the stage

But may get destroyed if your other guitarist has a genuine tube amp

But at majority of my live gigs , folks under age 45 vehemently hate loud live non master volume tube guitar amps.
While Bass can play at 2000 watts and 120 dB

If I showed up with my Vox AC30 and played it at the decibel levels it sounds best, I'd never get rehired by the venues I play.

Instead the trick is using gear that gets great dynamic sound of a record , but live real time at lower volumes - and that's where Catalyst shines and delivers that experience.

Using Catalyst Editor (iPad)

OK, let's go Surfin
These settings were worth the purchase price for me - I could leave it here and play many surfing hits , just toggle tremolo on off



This is the Tone , and Catalyst gets very close, with more dynamic range than Mustang GTX

Just palm mute on my Jazz Master delivers very close to this with dripping spring reverb 




Observe Global Settings panel above.

The FX Loop is unity gain , with a straight patch cable connected from FX Send to FX  Return ,

When FX Loop is set to Power amp input and Loop is Engaged in the System settings  there is a  -6 dB signal loss

 Line-6 probably designed the FX Loop  / Power Amp Return with a Pad  in this manner to accommodate higher output levels from external MFX outputs levels. 

FSW2 Footswitch Assignment Options 


Today I'm able to open it up and play loud,

Using the editor and adjusting BIAS finding many great tones

One example is with the Boutique Amp and Ducking Delay and a bit of Ganymede Reverb


Catalyst has ability to clean to mean just using guitar  Volume control

Very happy with its ability to drip Reverb  surf tones too

And any Joe Bonamassa / Zeppelin record tones too just using built in FX

And lower the gain on the High Gain amp I was getting near Sonny Landreth tones.




Catalyst -Internal Views
Catalyst User Reviews

Catalyst FAQs

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100 HX. I originally bought the 60, but I own a Nectar Pacer MIDI foot controller that I use with Logic and Amp Sims. The only way I was going to get it to work was to buy a MIDI host box that cost more than the price difference between the amps. With the switchable output I can sit in front of a 100W amp and enjoy playing, without waking up the kids.


I think they're great! You'd pay almost as much for a powered speaker cab - and it does that as well.


6 amps, 6 reverbs, 18 effects. Effects loop. MIDI control. XLR out.....and so on. Everyone has a gripe about foot pedal control - and, if I didn't have the Pacer I would agree. But - the Catalyst Edit app is so very useful. I hit my loop pedal, play in a section of a song, dial in a sound, save it as a preset and that's it! My only qualm is the absence of bluetooth - I'd love to have a tablet on my mic stand and change my presets wirelessly.


I certainly wouldn't judge them by factory presets - that stuff is for music store tyre-kickers. Slip into manual mode, twiddle some knobs and you get a real feel for the versatility and usefulness of the tones available. If you really spend the time - esp. with the app - you can craft some very fine sounds.


It's a huge amount of high quality sound and gadgetry for not much money. Plus, if I ever want to repaint my studio, the 100W would strip the walls if I cranked it right up!

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I grabbed a Catalyst 200 off of Sweetwater and got it today. The modeling sounds just fine, and so do the FX. Really can't complain about the sound, the tone, or the volume its capable of. But, I do have a few gripes, and its totally my own fault for assuming on a few things. 

1. No 1/4" ext cab out. Unless there is something I don't know. 
2. The Reverb is only Reverb and cannot be changed to another effect. Would like to be able to use Chorus and Delay together. 
    Kind of makes me feel like they want people to buy a pedal to add to it. I should probably get an Helix FX? The versatility would be nice. 
3. Speakers could be a bit better - they are a little aggressive on the highs. 
4. I wish the power cable was longer. (Not a big deal)
5. There is no way to get a flat response from either the Aux or the Return if you want to hook something up for a backing track, drum track, etc. This really needs to be corrected, even if only for the Aux. 

Hopefully an update on the firmware will solve the FX stuff and save me money on a pedal. 
Also, it should not be too much to ask for L6 to make the users of Catalyst aware if they are ever going to do an update to the firmware that will add some of the features and corrections we are asking for. 

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Being a modeling amp, none that I know of have an extension speaker jack because it would be easy to blow up a Class D power amp if the impedance was too low. BUT, since you have an XLR output with integrated IR's(and multiple cabinets and speaker options) you can hook up a powered speaker if you need to send the tones to another speaker. It works great.


You gripe about the inability to have two effects at once is a common one. Go to Ideascale and vote for them to make this upgrade on a future update. It is my main gripe too and many others. Especially when you compare it to a Katana which has way more effects, and the ability to use them at the same time.


I'm surprised the you think it's bright sounding. Most people think it sounds dark compared to other amps. Play with the tone controls- they have a lot more range than most amps.

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You're right about the XLR out, and I could use that a handful of different ways to get sound externally from the amp. I just really don't like being restricted to the built in IR's when using the XLR though - and I think you can only use one even if you have multiple ext cabs. Would be nice to get multiple ones for a mix.
Hopefully they make it so you can put your own IR's in there at some point.  Also, I have a 15w IRig amp from IK, and its Class D with a cabinet out and it works fine. Most ext. cabs are 4-8-16ohm. This standard is very easily implemented in a class D amp, and is done quite regularly with amps for automotive, radio, instruments, and more.
Yeah, to my ear its a bit bright (actually the highs can be brash on some of the models)...but the speakers are also brand new and yet to be broken in a bit. Its all good. For the money, this is actually a really good little amp, and I'm glad I've got one. I will be nice to just take a guitar, cable, and an amp to jam with some friends. When they expand the FX capacity it will be even better. 

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