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variax 700 and jtv69s questions........

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1. Will a Variax 700 neck work on a JTV69s (with mounting holes drilled correctly)? I love that neck....


2. Will reflashing a JTV69s to 1.7 negate all of the editing capabilities of Workbench? What's to gain or lose by doing this?

I like the acoustic sounds better in the Variax 700 better, that's why I'm asking.



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1. No.


2. Re-Flashing v1.7x should work with old Workbench,... up to a point. JTV-69 being newer, features that work

better in Workbench HD, than with old Workbench.


-The neck won't affect the acoustic sound patch on the 69 beyond intonation. There is no portability between

old and new Variax patches, even going back to v1.7x, using old Workbench. There is no interchangeability like

that between old and new patches. People have tried that early on, it didn't work.




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