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DL4 MkII - assign to mic/guitar separately?

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Hopefully I'm in the right place - can't find a dedicated 'DL4' forum....


Question is, can the new DL4 MkII assign and control separate delays/reverbs to the XLR and 1/4" inputs?


I'd consider using this for a solo acoustic live rig.  But I'd like the ability to assign separate delay/reverb to the guitar and mic, and control them (basically just on/off) independently. 


I'm trying to determine if this can be my all-in-one vocal AND guitar verb/delay box for solo gig use.


The manual doesn't detail if this is possible.




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No. In fact, they're both mixed before the A/D, which is why the Quickstart video suggests keeping the mic trim knob all the way down when you're not using the mic—because it can add additional noise to the guitar input.


You can, however, process both guitar and vocals simultaneously, or loop one pass with guitar, then vocals, etc.

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