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M13 SysEx Transferring Scenes to Win10 Pro PC


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I have been struggling to get my saved SysEx scenes loaded back onto my M13. I've tried every method but so far, without success. My latest attempt was using a MIDI SysEx Transfer Utility (MSETU) from the Microsoft Store. It does a validation check and I received a message saying that it was invalid as F0 and F7 were mis-matched!


MidiOx transfers the data, as I can see the data in the Monitor and the flashing screen 4. However, if this MSETU message is correct, then it won't update.


Does anyone know what the SysEx is meant to be, v.v. F0/F7 messages matching? Also, are there SysEx files online that are downloadable, or can someone attach an example for me to try?


Thanks in advance.

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I found a YouTube video (Line 6 M13 scene for worship) by Blake Fischer that has a downloadable SysEx file, which loads perfectly as a scene named "P-Dub!". So I now know 100%, that given a good file, my midi setup for loading back SysEx files works! However, when I export that same file from the M13 as a scene dump, to either my PC or new MacBook Pro, do a factory reset and then reload my saved SysEx file, nothing happens. The file seems to be corrupt.

For the "P-Dub!" scene in SysEx Librarian, it shows the Manufacturer as "Line 6 (Fast For" and then it gets truncated with #.. showing 16. My saved file of the same scene shows up as Various in Manufacturer and 31 in #..

Does anyone have any idea what is causing this apparent MIDI output corruption and whether it can be resolved?

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