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Super Reverb Amp?


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I really hope Line 6 will add the super reverb as an amp choice in the future. Kemper and Fractal already have them in their factory settings. Although you can get very close to it with tweaking the Deluxe with either a stock cab or after-market super reverb IR, I wish they would just go ahead and include it as an option in the first place, especially with being a huge Derek Trucks fan. Anyone else wish they had the option?

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The core midderish sound of a Super Reverb comes from the 4x10 alnicos, and Helix does really lack in that compartment, generally speaking. (IIRC we only have a very bassy 4x10 for the tweed)


Not a big deal, as you can go pretty much there through a deluxe amp block with an hot bias, and a 4x10 CTS alnico IR. (Cabir.eu they have a pretty damn good one)

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