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How to switch between EXP1/2


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On 3/23/2022 at 10:35 PM, phil_m said:

Push the expression pedal forward to activate the hidden toe switch under the toe portion of the pedal.

What @phil_m said +  you have to push the toe down kinda hard when they're new--they break in after a while.

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On 3/23/2022 at 11:14 PM, Thatguy7070 said:

Just got my Helix and I’m trying to toggle between wah and volume using the built in expression pedal. Currently the wah is set to exp1, the volume exp2, and I can’t figure out how to switch between the two.




Assuming that you have tried restarting the device and don't have any external expression pedals connected. As you just received your Helix you may want to double check your rear panel and make sure you don't have anything plugged into the 'EXP 2' jack just to be thorough. As @kduck advised, you'll want to test by pushing toe-down, quite firmly, on a hard surface to activate the expression toe-switch. No stomping required but stand up and put some weight on it.


Just to be clear, couldn't tell for sure from the pictures, is the issue that it is not switching from volume to wah, or is it that it is not switching from 'EXP 1' to 'EXP 2' in the scribble strip? When functioning properly the scribble strip will highlight the selected EXP and dim the deselected EXP.



Does this happen on all/any preset(s)? If the scribble strip is changing properly, you may just have an issue with your preset's assignments. If the scribble strip above the expression pedal never changes then you might have a hardware problem. However, before I opened a ticket with Line6, since you just got your Helix, I would probably try a backup, factory reset (hold down FS9 & FS10 upon restart for the Helix), and then restore backup.




What version of the firmware are you on?

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