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POD GO live info


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Hi guys
I'm new on modelers and I have a doubt
I want to hear what I hear on my headphones live on a real amp or speaker for my concerts
I was plugging amp out directily on my Borne VORAX 2200
It just sounds wrong
Tried bypassing amp/pre amp and cab
same results, buzzy sounds
What do I have to do?

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Normally you'd want a guitar amplifier with FX in/out and connect with 4 cable method, but yours doesn't seem to have FX loop...  With 4 CM you use your amp's Amp section using the Go's FX out/in, so your amp is in the right spot of your chain)  Or, you could connect to a sound system, something like stereo sound system, studio monitors, FRFR speaker, etc.!


But yeah, you're getting double amp and double cab with the Go blocks on, and if your amp has any distortion then all Go effects will also get distorted...


But it should still work, if you're getting 'buzzy' sounds, it could be indicative of an issue, but no idea really what 'buzzy sounds' is exactly so couldn't really tell you!  Make sure to run your amp as clean and neutral as possible, and you could try also just using the Go's Amp section and bypass the cab section, since you're using your real cab.

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