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DL4 MkII Power - 500 or 300 mA? Line 6 says both

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I've been a Line 6 junky since the Duotone days but I don't post much. I'm looking at picking up a DL4 MkII this weekend but I need to know, for sure, the power requirements. 


The DL4 MkII FAQ clearly says 300mA at the bottom, while the Manual (p.54) is very clear about 500mA.



Can I power DL4 MkII from my DC power block?

Most likely. DL4 MkII requires at least 300mA of clean 9VDC.


MANUAL (p.54):
Power Requirements 9VDC, 500mA, center pin negative, 2.1 mm. It is recommended to use the included Line 6 DC-1g power adapter


I need to be able to use this with a PS that only goes to 300mA.


Can someone clear it up? 


Thanks so much.

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Usually Line 6 (as many others) does pair its pedals with a power supply which has more mA than really needed (I guess mostly to optimize the production), so I think 300mA is indeed the minimum requirement for the pedal to work properly. The fact they do stamp 500mA on the back of the pedal, doesnt mean it wont work with 300mA. It's just to match the max current draw offered to the stock PS. I've seen the the same with many other L6 pedals and modelers. It's then important that those mA are solid and clean, and instantly available at boot. ;)



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