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Missing tube amp Sustain


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I recently bought my new POD GO .I absolutely love it .I can say it is so close replication the Tube amp. When i compared with real tubeamp ,i noticed that there's a sustain issue  while i was trying get a tone of GARY MOORE (Parisienne walkways) this works when i use pedal with 4cable method bypassing the tube amp ,which pod go cannot replicate in the PA(Direct). I hope there will be a firmware update to over come this issue.

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What are you comparing?  Same amp vs same amp?  Different amps behave differently, so unless you're comparing the same amps...  


Also, don't forget that with Go you're not emulating a guitar cab,  you're emulating a recorded guitar cab, so you're not going to get the same results as the same amp + cab in a room.  You'd be getting the same results as the same amp + cab as if you were recording it given a particular microphone.


Also you may be experiencing placebo.  Lots of blind tests (ex; illustrate that the sounds are typically very very close.  Very experienced guitar players can usually still tell the differences, but I'm not sure most guitar players could.  Sure, most would likely claim that they could.  But under blind conditions, I'm pretty sure many would be surprised that what they thought they perceived turned out to be placebo.

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