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Clean Country Strat Tone?


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Hello - I've only had the Pod go for a few weeks, so I'm still figuring out a lot of things.  While I've been able dial in some really nice and convincing tube overdrives, I'm struggling more with clean tones.  Specifically, I'd like to dial in a good bright clean country strat (2nd position) sound.  I may be approaching it incorrectly, but I'm missing the mark so far.  Any suggestions?

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Any sound is a matter of taste. And a matter of speaker frequencies. Difficult to suggest.

What sounds good with my rig can sound less good with yours.

For the start: here are some „analog“ tipps which might be an inspiration for your search:



I would check out the Fender models trying out all the cab sims.

Depending on your guitar's sound you can check them out.

A lot of work I know but I had good results this way.


I personally like and play the Archetype Clean (PRS Archon Clean Channel) which sounds really good with my PRS guitar.

And a slight Minotaur distortion. I use the amp sim with a Divided By 13 cab IR from Vallahir.

I bought a wav-file package directly from them - among other things including 62 RAW IRs which I all tried out. Yes,I did.

Valhallir calls this package "V2 Rocky".

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Start with the Red Squeeze (sens around 6 and no level boost) into USDeluxeNrm (=Fender Twin) (drive around 4) into Adriatic Delay (=Boss DM+) with short delay time and low feedback (for a slapback) into any one of the reverbs (but I use a TC Electronics Hall of Fame in the Effects Loop at the end of my chain). Let us know if this helps!

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