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Helix doesn't control Variax

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Just to confirm…. You’re using the VDI connection?


Also, please confirm that the 59 is working and the 69 is not when you simply swap the guitars while remaining on the same Helix patch, or quickly leave the patch and return immediately to it.

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Yes, same VDI cable.  I plug it into my JTV-59, it controls model and tuning, and turns on the modelling when I switch patches.  Plug the same cable into the JTV-69S, and it does not turn on the modelling or control the model and tuning.


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Punkyboy - thanks, I've done all that and it works on my JTV-59.

But not on the new JTV-69s I just got.


silverhead - When I go into Line6 Monkey, it shows the Variax USB Interface, but not the Flash Memory.  I have the interface plugged into the JTV-69s, a charged battery installed, a 1/4" cable plugged in, and the models selected with a light on the model knob on.


Looks like the guitar is defective. :(

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Hey folks,


I bought the guitar from Sweetwater.  They were excellent and overnighted me another, and it works great.  They even gave me a Fex Ex ticket for free shipping of the defective guitar back.  Thanks for everyone's help.  

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