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A bit frustrated by the new snapshot behavior in 3.15


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Maybe the new snapshot “features” help some of you but they have made it a lot more complicated for how I use them. I like to set snapshot buttons through the control center so I can put them where I want them. With this new behavior, if I want three snapshots, I have to set all three each time or when I step on one the others change. I’ve tried to find a workaround to make it as simple as it was before but I can’t figure it out. Has anyone found a way to simplify this process?

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OK, you're the third person I've seen talking about this, and I'm not getting it. I'm not having this problem. Maybe we're not on the same page, but I'd like to know.

Could you please attach your preset (the actual preset, not a screenshot), so I can try to figure out what's going on?



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IMO, the complaint is valid... and I have never found a work around for it either. If there is one, please point me toward it.


For those that don't understand the problem....

  • Assign a snapshot to a button in command center so that snapshot becomes available in stomp mode.
  • Change snapshots and see if that assignment is still there
    • NO LUCK, you have to add it again for the current snapshot, then repeat again for all remaining snapshots. 
    • Prior to 3.15 that assignment remained across all snapshots

It's a wonderful/powerful feature (added in 3.15) for those that want to change their assignments with each snapshot... but it's a pain for those that want the one setting to stick across all snapshots. 


Again, if I'm missing the "quick solution" please point me to it.

I'm not afraid to admit when I'm an idiot that overlooked the obvious - LOL!

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I do like the feature.  Here is my workaraound:


When starting out the patch, I FIRST set my snapshots of all switches.  Usually I have five, on the bottom five buttons.  So I set Footswitch 7 = Snapshot 1, Footswitch 8 = Snapshot 2, Footswitch 8 = Snapshot 3, Footswitch 9 = Snapshot 4, and Footswitch 10 = Snapshot 5.


The trick is to make these assignments before actually ever changing the current snapshot in the patch.


Now, when I go to Snapshot 2, it starts out with all of the snapshot Footswitches set, and I can start making changes for that snapshot.


Hope this helps,



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AH! Thanks folks, I was totally misunderstanding the issue!

I played around with this on my HXS, hoping to discover the errant logic.

There is no errant logic, it just isn't very intuitive.


The logic is this: In order implement this feature, you need to program each Snapshot independently.

You also need to either set Snapshot Edits to RECALL, or SAVE after configuring each Snapshot.


If in fact this behavior was different in previous versions (IDK, never tried it), then everybody who uses this feature should open a support ticket so L6 will escalate the issue and implement a fix. It's possible, however, that this was a necessary change to prevent other reported problems in which case there might not be a fix until v3.2, which is apparently a major CORE overhaul and likely we won't see it until fall.

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The best workaround I have found/seen is:


1) set your buttons for snapshot one.  Assuming your layout doesnt for the preset doesnt change......

2) right click, choose copy all

3) right click, choose clear all.  this will bring you back to the regular HX Edit screen

4) enter command center again, right click, paste all (verbage may be different in the menu)


This will paste your layout into every snapshot slot.  if you want to 'stack' as the feature was intended, then go to that snapshot at the top dropdown and change the one that you need.  


If your like me where you have the same layout per preset, even with multiple snapshots being used (meaning I dont 'stack' the snapshots, I just have 3 snapshot buttons for the 3 snapshots) this is the best way.  Its a horse a piece if I only have 2 snapshots if its faster, but 3 snaps per preset or more and it saves time.  


I really hope they do tweak it and make some sort of a stackable or preset level parameter in command center that allows you to avoid having to do this if you dont use it. 

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This issue exists for ALL settings you make in commands center as far as I can tell.  Not just the HX Snapshot setting.  For instance, I have a Boss RC-5 looper pedal.  It's a one-stomp looper, and I don't like having to double tap it to stop a loop, or hold it down for two seconds to clear a loop (which clears it only after starting to play the loop for 2 seconds), so in command center, I assign a 'stop/start' scribble strip label to a stomp under the 'CC' command center option and configure a MIDI command to be sent to the pedal to stop/start it.  This let's me stop a loop from the helix without having to double tap it.  I do the same for clearing a loop.  I can send a MIDI command to clear it, and bingo no 2 second playback before clearing the loop.


The problem is, if the preset has multiple snapshot, I have to do this for each snapshot.  If I don't then the 'Stop/Start' scribble strip only appear under snapshot 1, and the midi command is only configured under snapshot 1.  It would be nice to have a checkbox in command center that says something like 'Apply this settings to all current snapshots'.  So if I have 4 snapshots, and i set up stompswitch 5 to be my 'Stop/Start Loop', I could just click that checkbox and now that is also applied to the other 3 snapshots.  That or an option where you could select which other snapshots to also apply this setting to. 


I actually did submit this to ideascale about a year ago, but I think I didn't describe the issue well enough and no one upvoted it.  I thought at first maybe I was the only one that this 'quirk' drove nuts, but I'll give it another go, now that I see it bothers others as well.

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