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Helix 3.15 Rebuilding Presets Bug


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That behaviour means there are one or more corrupt presets on your Helix. You’ll need some very high level math to track it down. ;-)


When you start the Helix and the presets start rebuilding you will see the display showing you the preset number(s) as they are being rebuilt. The total number of presets in the device is 8x128 = 1024. The preset numbering starts at 0 (Setlist 1, Bank 1, Preset A) and goes to 1023 (Setlist 8, Bank 32, Preset D). Any preset that is still being rebuilt is corrupt. So take note of the preset numbers being rebuilt and do the math to identify the specific presets that are corrupt. 

Use HX Edit to overwrite the corrupt presets with New Preset (after exporting the corrupt presets to a designated folder if you wish). Repeat this until the Helix starts up without having to rebuild any presets. Then, if you want, you can import the corrupt presets one at a time and recreate them manually from scratch. Overwrite them again before shutting down the Helix device.


Another approach might be to make copies of each setlist using HX edit. Then do a factory reset and start importing the setlists one at a time. Restart the Helix twice after importing each setlist. The first restart may rebuild the presets if necessary: this is normal. However, if presets are rebuilt on the second startup that means there are corrupt presets in the setlist. Again, do the math and proceed as described above  if you want to recover any of those presets. 

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Anytime you do a restore it will go through another rebuild... I think of it less as a rebuild and more of a "somethings changed... let's example all these presets and make sure they are all in the correct format"... 


I also get a rebuild when I do a lot of housekeeping on the Helix. But once it rebuilds once, it won't again until I either "Import something" or "do more housekeeping". 


If your Helix rebuilds every time you start it and you have not changed anything or restored anything - that's when I would look for a corrupt preset as outlined by @silverheadin an above post. 



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Not sure if it's the same fix but mine was doing the exact same thing after the last update. What I did was unplug the USB and it started up normal without rebuilding the presets. After that I plugged the USB back in and it has continued to start up normal since. Can't explain it but that worked for me.

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