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Snapshot mode is bugging big time after update to 3.15 (HX Effects)


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Hey guys,

This is pretty urgent as I have a gig coming in a few days.

I updated this morning to 3.15 on my HX Effects. and the snapshot mode went cuckoo since. When I press a button assigned to any snapshot (let's say, Snapshot 2), it switches all the buttons to "Next Snapshot" and completely messes up with my set.

Is anybody experiencing this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I expect this is a Global Settings issue. Updating the firmware causes the Global Settings to be reset to their default values.

I don’t have an HX FX but I know that with my Helix Rack the firmware update procedure requires me to create a system backup before the firmware is updated. One of the items backed up is the Global Settings. You should be able to get your customized Global Settings back by restoring the backup file using HX Edit. Be careful to make a copy of any presets you have changed since the firmware update before restoring the backup.

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Known issue



Revert to your previous version or reprogram your Snapshots.

Don't forget to open a support ticket so they'll know how many people are upset about this.

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This has caused a lot of confusion, but this is related to this feature described in the 3.15 release notes:image.thumb.png.6e27a54662855cea258cd5ef1e42cf63.png


The "Next Snapshot" setting is the default setting for the HX Snapshot command. Since you can have a different setting for that command for each snapshot, you need to go into each snapshot and set it accordingly. If you had assigned these commands to footswitches prior to doing the update, all the settings from Snapshot 1 should have been copied over. But if you added them to a pre-existing preset with snapshots, the commands in each snapshot will go to this default.

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