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Something is strange in Snapshot mode.


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I don't know what happened. Got practice at church tonight and I spent the day setting my sounds up in Snapshot mode as I've been doing for months now. Had no problem today.


Per the Pod Go's screen display I am in Snapshot mode. For an example, let's take one song I have in preset 22D. I set up a clean sound in Snapshot 1, there's a semi crunch sound in Snapshot 2 and a heavier crunch sound in Snapshot 3. Set it up with no problem. But when I go to the Mode switch so I can view Snapshots 1 through 4, what's displayed as if I were in Stomp mode. I can change from one Snapshot to the next on the Pod Go Edit on my laptop but not on the Pod Go itself.


I turned the Pod Go off and closed the Edit program thinking it might be a glitch. Turned it back on and nothing has changed. Everything was fine earlier because I ran through all the songs with all of their Snapshots with no problem. Grabbed a bite to eat, came back to it with the problem.


Any help would be much appreciated.

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What you are describing when hitting the Mode button sounds like the expected outcome, which is to view the Stomp Mode within that current Preset/Snap.  


If you hit the Bank Up and Down buttons simultaneously, does it switch from Preset view to Snapshot view?   That's how I typically go from viewing Presets (within a Bank of 4) to viewing the Snapshots for a specific Preset (4 snaps for one Preset). 


I am new here so I apologize if I am not understanding the question correctly. 


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I don't get it. Now it's working fine and I am able to see snapshots 1 through 4 within a preset on the Pod Go's screen where as yesterday I couldn't. Yesterday I tried pressing the Mode switch to see preset footswitch mode. Then I tried pressing both the up and down switches together to see the 4 snapshots within a preset. No dice yesterday, now it works fine. 


Still wish I knew what happened so I would know how to correct it if it happens again.

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