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Hack with no Amp, Cab or EQ


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So  I had a couple of glasses of wine, and decided to have a go at removing the amp, cab and EQ blocks, using the hack all over the internet using a text editor. I read that the amp, cab & EQ could not be removed, but i had a go and you can!!


Yes you can max out the DSP, and yes I wouldn't use it, I like the amp and cabs sims, but for a stomp box direct to amp feature it seems to work. But combine it with another footswitch for about £30, it opens up this bit of kit massively.


I've attached the preset, have a paly and I'd appreciate the feedback with any issues, I messed for about 2 hours with it and it seemed OK 



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There's also a version around with 10 user blocks. 


But the best solution is for Line 6 to give Pod Go enhanced flexibility.  It can't increase Pod Go DSP power but it can give users more choice to make the most out of the DSP power it has.  Pod Go needs two official additional blocks and to allow the amp/cab blocks to be removed so for folk using a real amp (even sometimes) this will give them greater scope to use Pod Go as a straight stomp pedal board with a bit more DSP 'freed-up'. Line 6 has been somewhat 'precious' regarding where it sees Pod Go in its gear range and the market and it has previously made it clear that it is wholly 'anti' giving more blocks to Pod Go and making the amp/cab blocks 'non-fixed'.  But if it doesn't wake up fast to the reality of growing competition and what it's customers now want, and change its stance, it could be a costly mistake not only re new Pod Go sales but it could see existing customers voting with their feet and moving to other brands.


When Pod Go was launched 2 years ago, there really wasn't much to compete with it.  But competition is now hotting up and new more powerful units such as the Boss GX100 (with up to 15 non-fixed blocks, dual routing, touch screen, blue-tooth, fully customizable foot-switches throughout, and other goodies) will now be putting Pod Go sales under pressure. The much discussed debacle over the last few months regarding Pod Go (non wireless version) input impedance and 'tone-suck' (to which, disappointingly, Line 6 has remained silent on) also won't help to encourage new customers to Pod Go.  Consider too that Summer NAMM (incorporating 2022 Winter NAMM that didn't take place) is only around the corner (3-5 June) and it's quite possible some new MFX options might start appearing from competitors. Pod Go v1.40 is in development and we can only hope that Line 6 wakes up to smell the coffee here and does more than just add in a few more amp/fx to Pod Go from Helix v3.15.


Of course, it's always possible that Line 6 themselves might have some new MFX up its sleeve.  Helix is now 7 years old and whilst it's pretty much led the modelling effects market, its architecture is now 'getting on'.  Customers are now tending to move away from big heavy units like Helix/LT and are looking for more compact, lighter 'full' MFX units.  In the more portable/compact sector Pod Go is now looking decidedly under-powered and overly restrictive and Line 6 will need to look to its laurels to compete with new competition like the Boss GX100.  But it also needs to keep, and not risk disenfranchising, its existing Pod Go customers - and hence why it's now more essential than ever that Line 6 quickly re-assesses and re-positions its stance to give greater flexibility to Pod Go.   


As Bones said to Spock in Star Trek - 'Yield to the logic of the situation'!


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Ha- I did the original JSON edit that was around that kept the EQ and Amp but tried the same thing before and it does indeed work but its flaky beyond 7 effects .  Since there isn't a Wah option in the category list I kept that and opened up 9 other slots to try and make a very flexible in-front-of-amp patch for quick jam get togethers which is mainly what I'm using this for over lugging my Helix around.  If you try to make a patch with that though that is beyond 7 additional effects it wipes the patch on the unit etc. I made a send/return variant as well but haven't used that one yet. If you use the eq/amp included JSON patch that removes the volume / wah, etc,  but keeps the Amp, the Del Sol amp uses very low DSP and is very stable. I'm only 'really' using 4-6 blocks per patch with different mods / delays or grit box types etc. Hoping they actually integrate this feature in lieu of doing this patch mod. Being able to do this was the decision to keep the unit versus letting it go for a different compact option, actually. 



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I did this and no matter what I do I can only use 8 blocks and it just doesn't let me put anymore in, so I leave them blank. Not sure if it's DSP but even if I choose low Dsp for all the blocks it's still only 8. It's enough but am curious to why? Cheers

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