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Stereo Powercab worth it?


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Is stereo worth it?

Edit: home use.


Especially to the people with 1xPC212 or 2xPC112: What do you think?


Of course, usually when you buy something you are very happy with it, but how happy are you with the stereo setup compared to the mono setup?


I have a PC112+ and I am thinking of getting a second PC112+ but I am not sure if this is „significant“ improvement or just a „nice to have“ or even „not really noticeable“?


And which setup in terms of Amps/ cabinets do you use in the stereo setup? same amp/ cabinet or different amp/ cabinet? what do you prefer?

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Repeating my answer from TGP:


Stereo is nice at home if you like ambient sounds.
Live not so much.
2 Cabs = wide stereo. Audience on the left hears the left side, audience on the right hears the right side. Useful?
Live, 2 cabs one on each side in mono is better. Band members on both sides hear you, less stage volume required.
PC212 = nice but doesn't add much to the band mix.
Bottom line (IMO) - are you playing for your own enjoyment? Stereo is nice. PC212 works good at home.
For an audience? Having the same signal on both sides of the stage is better.
As always, YMMV.

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