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Widening delay in mono?


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Hi sorry for the repeat question but I figure with all the new firmware, is there any way to widen out a mono delay?  I grabbed a few Petrucci presets and I'm only using mono everything, but his stuff is all stereo so the builders use stereo of course.  I'm watching so many videos and almost everyone uses stereo into computers etc.....but this is for live into a mixer and only one XLR out of my helix feeds the mixer.  Thanks

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You can't get 12 beers from a six pack...


Mono is mono. When everything is piped straight up the middle, there is nothing to "widen". If you want a stereo spread, then you have to run stereo fx, end of story.


For live use though, you really don't want to. 99.97% of the time it does more harm than good, because the only one in the audience that'll hear everything is the one guy standing dead center between the mains... everybody else will only hear half of the delay anyway.

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On 4/18/2022 at 2:49 PM, cruisinon2 said:

Mono is mono.


You beat me to it! 


It's all rather pointless really.


Logic decrees it is not possible make mono wider - although Helix does have a a Stereo Imager block that accepts mono input but, of course, what is spits out is ultimately a stereo signal.


I think the OP has a PowerCab+ on one of the XLR outs, and is using the second to FOH.


"Back to mono" as Phil Spector once said - Oops! maybe shouldn't mention him!   ;-)

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On 4/19/2022 at 12:41 AM, GrampaBob said:

No I just run one XLR to FoH that's it.

Oops! my mistake.

I seemed to recall that you had mentioned a PC+ on XLR in a previous post.


Anyhow, it still remains a fact that you can only add a widening effect to mono signal converted to a stereo signal ;-)

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