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HX Preset - Prev/Next Display options


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I havent searched Ideascale yet, but, wanted to see if others thought this useful or if I'm missing something in a setting somewhere.   


Now that my tribute band is up and running setlist wise.  We shouldnt be swapping setlist order very much....however....  if we do (or other projects where we do shuffle things a bit) I would find this helpful.  


Right now there are 2 ways for me to set up my 'layout' on the Stomp Mode.  I always assign FS 1 & 2 for Previous/Next presets.  The issue with this (a petty one sorta) is that I enjoy not having to carry a paper setlist on stage or the hassle of trying to get one printed (I dont own a printer).  In order to avoid those 2 pitfalls....  It would be great if the Prev/Next options would display the preset name/snapshot name instead of just 'prev' or 'next'.


I can get around this by assigning an actual preset # to FS 1 & 2.  For example, if I'm on preset 1 - Dead and Bloated, I would assign FS 2 to trigger preset 2 - Crackerman and it displays Crackerman in the scribble strip.  And so forth through the setlist.  



Not sure it would be hard to code that in, but could we get the Previous/Next functions to also pull the preset/snapshot names?

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On 4/18/2022 at 1:23 PM, themetallikid said:

…...…….  I always assign FS 1 & 2 for Previous/Next presets.  ….

How exactly are you doing that? Try using the Global Settings to use the Up/Down switches for Next/Prev Preset, and set the layout to 8 Switches in Stomp Mode. Experiment with that.

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When in Command center/Stomp Mode, you can program the layout/switches however you like.  For FS 1 & 2, I choose HX preset Previous & Next.  However the text on the scribble strip only displays 'Previous' Or 'Next'.  


However if I instead choose HX Preset 01 or HX Preset 05, it pulls the name of the preset onto the scribble strip.  


I set all my presets up this way as 'my' template for live performance.  FS 1/2 are to navigate to the previous/next preset.  If I need to jump to skip a song or go back to one I skipped I exit STOMP mode and yes, I have it set to 8 presets, so then I see the presets, choose the one I need, enter stomp mode again, and there is my layout for that song.  Again, with the previous/next buttons as I mentioned above. 

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