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Stagesource L3t input genuine AES?

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I have two L3t units. Decided to buy a Denafrips Iris unit to convert USB to AES. It does not work.

If I feed the L3t's from the Helix (USB input source from same Macbook) the sound is great via the AES link connected to the L3ts

When I feed the L3T's via the very same cable (removed from Helix and plugged to Iris) there is no sound.

Device is selected correctly in Macbook indicating that the Iris is connected)


My main question now is if the AES is compatible or is it actually a Line 6 type connection based on AES (works like AES but only on Line 6 equipment)

Has anybody provided input to L3t speakers AES port from a source other than Line 6 equipment.


The main reason for me doing this is to clear up the sound from Macbook via the Denafrisp Iris and send directly to Stagesource speakers and thus unload my Helix to only handle guitar effects to a different amplifier.

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