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Using Multiple Helix Units Together? One in the FX Loop of the other? Latency?


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I know it sounds crazy, but I was thinking about using 2 HX devices, such as a Go and HX Effects together. Most likely the HX Effects would be in the Effects Loop of the Go.


Someone on another forum raised the point about latency going through 2 digital devices rather than 1. One of the Line 6 people has said that the Go actually has less latency than the Floor/LT because it's only going through one DSP, not two. Though of course, by my combining 2 units, I could be at or exceeding what the LT/Floor actually have.


One thing I'm not sure about - is this kind of latency "input to output" - that is, something I'm going to notice when playing live, direct to an amp (and/or FOH)? I'm not as concerned about latency in recording - I mean I am, but I'd probably only use the Go by itself for recording (or record through the Effects into a different interface and use Amp sims in the DAW.


For the "but why would you do this" crowd - I want 2 sets of 4 snapshots rather than 8 (more combination options) and it gives me 4 expression pedals. It also gives me a "break apart" rig I can use for smaller gigs - just the Go, or just the Effects - some shows I just need a couple of drives and a mod and a delay, and play into an amp with no amp/cab needs, so the Effects would be perfect. Some shows I would play direct to PA, so having the Go would be helpful. Also, if one goes down, you've got something to get you through the show.


But if it's going to cause latency issues for live performance beyond what the LT/Floor have, and impedance issues, or anything like that, I could live with an LT.


Thanks in advance for help/experience.


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The amount of latency in the configuration you describe will be miniscule, maybe 6-8ms. Even if you're using wireless it will still be just at the 10ms average threshold of perception. Each AD/DA conversion takes <>2ms, so:


G10 wireless - PG = 2ms

PG - HXFX -          = 2ms

HXFX - PG             = 2ms

HXFX end to end  = 2ms?

PG end to end       = 2ms?


I'm not actually sure about the end to end numbers, as they somewhat depend on what FX are used.

Unless you're Steve Vai (claims to be able to feel 2ms, but uses digital FX...), it won't be a problem.

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Remember that you can reduce latency by moving closer to your amp. Every foot shaves off a millisecond.


I've thought maybe that's why guitarists are more tolerant of latency than drummers. We're always several feet away from an amp anyway, so we're used to it. Drums are right in the drummer's face.

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I do often use a HXStomp with a Zoia in the FXLoop, and that in the Fxloop of a helix rack.


Im very sensible to latency, but I cant feel anything wrong with that setup, despite numbers on paper.

Sometimes it's just overthinking. :)

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On 4/21/2022 at 8:10 AM, codamedia said:

FWIW... I used to run an HX Effects and HD500 together for several months which is a very similar set up.  It worked great... without any noticeable latency. 



Someone just brought it up on another forum and I wanted to be sure before I commit.

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