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Guitar volume fine, but Bass Guitar is incredibly low volume


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Hey guys. I have tried to use Helix Native with a bass guitar and having some pretty weird results. I am going through a Radial DI and into a Scarlett 18i20. The input level seems mostly fine, it could be a tiny bit higher. Of the 3 things here in the signal chain, everything is boosted by max. And even boosted to that max, I get a max of something like -36db at the end output. Regular guitar doesn't have this problem. How come, even each part of this giving like +12db, i'm losing so much volume?


I can tell that the Drive on all the bass amps effects the volume greatly. But what if you want a clean bass tone and not a distorted one? I can kind of make the sound work right now if I put a bunch of compressors/volume plugins in my DAW after this, but I can't help but feel I'm doing this totally wrong. I've attached a picture if it helps and I can send more if needed. Any advice? 





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Have you tried setting levels with NO Native blocks in the signal path? Set your input levels so you get a nice clean DI level. Make sure you don't overdrive the Native input setting (use -12dB for starters). You should have no problems getting a good output level into your DAW track unless there is something wrong in your hardware (bass, DI, Scarlett, or cables). After you get a good level, add an amp block only (with no cabinet). Start with the default settings and adjust. All still good? Then add a cabinet. Add blocks as needed, checking levels along the way.


Troubleshooting: start simple, then add stuff. Let us know how it goes.

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