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How Can I Store From The App To The A/b/c/d Channels?


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If you are in the 'my tones' section (get there from the main menu in the app, and to get to that menu, press the three horizontal lines top left of the app.

In the my tones section, you can press on a tone to load (audition) it. Then press 'save to hardware' at the top to save to one of the in amp presets.


There is a way to save to the amp when you're editing a tone and you can 'publish' to the internet or 'save', and I think you can save to 'my tones' in the app, or to the amp - I say I think, because I'm not with my amp at the moment so can't try it to double check - but I'm sure that's how I revert doing it the last time I saved tones to my amplifi.


Hope this helps



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how can i change the presets in my Aplifi 75, to use them with my express pedal?


I don't have an express pedal.  I'm sure someone else here can help you with this question.


i want to send my 4 favorite tones to the Amp permanently.


Here's a step-by-step explanation of the process:  OPERATING TIP: You go to the tones you've saved in My Tones (not Favorites), select the tone you want (a speaker icon will show up in front of it and the tone will be highlighted with a red banner), and select "Save to Hardware" at the top of the list of tones. This will show you the four presets you have on your amp. Select the ones you want to replace and replaced them one at a time with your new tones.


I do not find any manual for the iOS App.


A manual for app does not exist and this has been a continuing issue since they released the Amplifi series of amps.  Go to IdeaScale and vote for a manual. I don't know if it will help, but it can't hurt.


Meanwhile, due to the lack of a manual there has been a lot of operating suggestions provided in this forum.  I've labled many of mine OPERATING TIP. The trick is in finding them. 


I'd suggest using the search feature in this forum.  Be sure to start at the AMPLIFI forum main page, and go to the search feature at the upper right section of the page.  Since there is no Manual for the AMPLIFIED app, searching this forum for answers may be your best bet.  Whenever I wrote an operating idea/suggestion, I've tried to "mark" them with the words" OPERATING TIP:".  You can type "OPERATING TIP:" at the forum search and see most of the suggestions I've made which are also often next to or near other operating suggestions.  I hope that helps.  AE

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