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preset light on when the pedal is in bypass

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Getting used to this new version of the DL4, and not liking a couple things about the lighting on the foot switches. I don't like that a light stays on when the pedal is not on and that when you turn on that preset, the light gets brighter. Is there a way in the global settings to have the light come on when the pedal is on and off when the pedal is off? I get that the tap tempo stays on and blinks the delay tempo, but having the last selected preset on a slightly dimmer light all the time is bad. Anyone know a fix for this?

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There isn’t a setting to change that. I believe they probably made it like that because of the MIDI capabilities the MkII has. One of the MIDI CCs is for turning the active preset on or off, so without the dimmed LED, there wouldn’t really be a way to tell what the active preset was.

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