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Replacement of UX2


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I bought a Kemper profiler 10 years ago & sold my Line 6 UX 2. 
However listening to the tone of recordings of my playing when I used the UX2 I've decided to I'd like buy another Line 6 product to obtain some of my favourite Line 6 sounds again. Is there any advantage to buying another perhaps more recent line 6 product or will a 2nd hand UX2 off Ebay suffice ?
Frankly there's so many Line 6 products I wouldn't know where to start as a choice.

Main thing is I want the Pod farm sounds I can get by using the UX2 so I'm not sure what advantage a more recent product would give me.

Unless you know otherwise.


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You could buy PodFarm 2.5 wich you can use with any audio interface.

PF2.5 is no longer necessarily connected with an UX audio interface.

If I'm right L6 does no longer offer UX audio interfaces.


But take into consideration that PodFarm will only be available in VST2 format.

So you need a DAW which supports VST2 plugins even in the future.


If you prefer a VST3 plugin from Line6 you could buy eg Helix Native.

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