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Buying second hand w/o USB adapter

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If you saw my other post, I bought a mint condition 69S which was flawless in every way except that either the USB interface or the guitar was faulty and would not connect to a computer.


Most of the listings on Reverb don't include the USB Interface and claim the guitar "works perfectly". Which, clearly they can't guarantee as they have no idea if the guitar can connect to a computer assuming you bought a USB interface.  I'm just wondering how secure you folks feel about buying a Variax w/o an interface.


A side note: since the USB interface is included in the Variax package, it seems to me that any listing w/o one should be listed as "Fair" as the part is missing.  Maybe I'm wrong - did L6 ever sell Variaxes w/o interfaces?



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All Variax models beginning with the JTV a series included the USB Workbench interface. Earlier models did not (Variax x00).


I would expect a significant discount (~$100) for a JTV without the interface vs. one with it.

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