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HX Stomp XL + Power Station - Anything I should know to dial it in the best?


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I'm a Helix Stomp newb. Coming from the Kemper (which I still have). My use case with the Stomp is primarily as a second amp to play through in my music room and as a backup to the Kemper for FRFR work, as needed. I'm noticing that the Helix models have some advanced parameters that I'm not 100% sure in terms of how they complement (or don't) a real tube power amp. I've also read that the Helix models do better as preamp only into power amps, but I read varying opinions on keeping the power amp sims on for the Power Station (mostly people saying to use them).


Just looking for quick hitting tips to optimize the Helix models for a Power Station into a cab.

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Basic rule for all things on all modelers:


Try it. If it sounds good TO YOU, it IS good.


That said - and keep it in mind REGARDLESS of anyone else's opinions - here's my opinion.


If your power amp has tubes, they're going to color the sound. You MIGHT like it, but if you're going for authenticity from your modeler, the full amp model already includes the proper color.

If your power amp has EL34s and you like the Marshall sound, Try using the pre-amp version.

Same goes for whatever tube type is in your power amp - 6v6 Fender;6L6 Fender/Mesa; EL84 Vox etc.

IOW - a tube power amp will MOST LIKELY (but NOT NECESARILY) sound best with models of amps that came with THOSE tubes.

If you're using a solid state power amp, unless the mfr claims a specific tube flavor, it shouldn't be adding any color to the sound, so use the full amp model.


As for advanced parameters, read this:


Sweetwater Publishing The Big Book of Helix Tips & Tricks v1.1 by Craig Anderton



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