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Controlling an external pedal with momentary function


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I was hoping to be able to control a Digitech Freqout (feedback generator) pedal from the HX Effects. With the way my board is set up the Freqout has to go above the HX Effects unit. This is a pedal that would be used with the momentary function so I’d have to precariously put my foot on the switch and not bump anything on the HX. I was thinking that I could use the effects send and return on the unit but there is no way to set that up as momentary as far as I’m aware. The next option would be the EXT/AMP out and set that up as a momentary. Has anyone used the EXT/AMP out to control an external pedal that’s momentary?

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On 5/15/2022 at 7:00 AM, stewart13 said:

I was hoping to be able to control a Digitech Freqout (feedback generator) pedal from the HX Effects.



I can’t see the EXT/AMP idea being feasible as the Digitech Freqout isn’t designed to work with any type of external trigger.

Also, If it was in your FX Loop you would still need to kick in the switch with your foot, as that FX block would need to be open for the signal flow to continue.


Maybe easier to move it, or the HXFX, elsewhere on your board layout.


Hope this helps/make sense.



I have just read the spec sheet and the “how it works” info for the Freqout provided by DIigiTech on their website. No external triggering (other than your foot) and also it is recommended that the device is placed first in the signal chain.

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Could the OP assign a footswitch to an FX Loop block and set the HX Effect's footswitch to momentary? Then just put the FreqOut in the loop and leave it on all the time.  It looks like the Freqout's footswitch can be set to latching. Just spitballing as I don't own the HX Effects or the Freqout. 


Update: The more I think about, the more this doesn't appear like it would work. Don't think this solution would allow proper operation of the Freqout.

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