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Recording Demo project - Reaper/Helix question


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While you guys helped me before with setting it up and all.  I have not revisited recording for awhile....I can research  my own threads to find those answers....my questions this time are more Helix recording based.


I'll be recording my STP Tribute band for some simple demo type songs/clips etc.   Being that he runs a dual amp type sound, and I have a preset per song type approach to my live playing.   How should I approach recording the tracks.


Should I record just using my live preset as is?  Should I tweak each preset as I record that track to essentially mute the 2nd amp and then record a 2nd track with the 2nd amp separately so I can mix them in post?  Should I double track each amp (4 tracks, panned appropriately)?  Should I leave songs as I play them, or attempt to throw in the 'ear-candy overdubs' that are abundant on several of the tracks?


My gut instinct says to record each amp sound seperately (double tracked, 4 tracks) panned...and only play the parts that I play live as it will match what we sound like more?



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I'd say to start with your go-to preset, record a DI track, duplicate the DI track and use Native to re-amp DI tracks until you find the combination that floats your boat.

You can always double-triple-quadruple-track once you've found presets that you like, but use the DI tracks and Native to find those sounds vs playing the parts over and over till you hate them.

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