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Renaming IR Files in Helix


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Ok...  I know this has been asked, but my 'searching' brain functions clearly are not working today without coffee yet.   


I have files that I rename (in windows, right-click - rename sorta thing), when I import them into Helix, sometimes the names still do not transfer or they show the same extensive naming that the company used.


In stupid people instructions, how can I remedy this.  I'd really love to just rename something like Marshall V30 121/57 or OS Mesa 160/57 sorta thing.  

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I'm relatively certain you need to rename them inside of Helix as Helix knows them only by that internal name and their IR position.  I actually take advantage of this "feature" when I export my presets by adding additional info to the preset name in the file system for the guitar I use on that preset and such that doesn't show up in Helix when I import it.

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