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Helix and DI


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Hello guys,


I would like to record my Helix and Clean DI signal of my guitar  simultaneously for reamping later.

There are ton of DI Boxes Active, Passive and so on. I never used one and I'm not really sure which one to choose.


I know I can set Helix to have Amp etc. on path 1 and leave path 2 clean for Di but That's not really what I'm after as it forces me to rebuild every single preset to be empty on path 2.


I know Kemper have awesome solution for this. You can set SPDIF output to send right channel wet and left channel DI, so no modification to profile/preset is needed. Would be great if Helix had something like this.


How do you guys do it, maybe you have some recommendations ?

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Easiest way is to use Helix as your AI (ASIO) in your DAW.

In Global Settings>Ins/Outs you'll see Re-Amp Src (USB 7) and Re-amp Src (USB 8).

IIRC, by default they're set to GUITAR (7) and MIC (8). Set them accordingly.

You can now record the unprocessed (DI) signals using those USB channels.

If you normally use an external Sound Card (AI), just change it in your DAW's Preferences when you want to record a DI.

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On 5/21/2022 at 3:18 PM, sebaseba1 said:

How do you guys do it, maybe you have some recommendations ?



I think that I covered this topic, or one very similar, in another thread on here, earlier today.


See if my reply to this also applies to your situation.



Hope this helps/makes sense.

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