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Can you redownload an already purchased amp pack for HD500X?

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My Pod HD500X recently packed up (le cry) and I had the Bass Amp Pack downloaded on it which I purchased about a year ago. I bought a NEW HD500X for teaching and because it's familiar - but I can't find a way to redownload my previous bass settings with the pack. Is this possible to transfer packs over from one HD500X to another?

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The answer you are looking for is Yes. But it goes deeper than that, mainly because you are asking the wrong question(s). You know, terminology - if someone uses the wrong word, it totally changes the meaning of the sentence. 


Yes, you can use a model pack on multiple devices. I believe it is four at the same time. 

But you aren't actually downloading anything. The packs are already on the devices. What you are doing is purchasing a license to unlock the features on the device. 


And as far as settings go, patches aren't stored by L6. You need to backup/restore them yourself. 




You need to be using the same account you previously used. 

You'll need to run license manager. 


And the rest is ... beyond my memory. 



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