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Bogner effects are silent on Helix


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I've had my Helix for about 4 days now. Downloading some presets and I came across some Bogner presets that I was interested in. Each Bogner preset I grab though are dead silent. There is a Bogner + DI Fuzz  that I grabbed that produces zero sound at all. All the other presets are working just fine. Any ideas why?

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On 5/22/2022 at 4:05 PM, bannonrudis said:

I bought this used without a manual, so I am kinda figuring things out as I go. As far as I can tell, I havent even touched the volume pedal yet. How do I check the volume block?

The Helix doesn’t come with a printed manual. The latest version can be found here: 3.0 Owner's Manual - Rev F - English .pdf

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The two classic reasons for this from newbies is 1) check to make sure the input is correct and 2) the aforementioned check all the levels in the patch. Something may be turned all the way down. Mostly it's been the vol pedal.


Did you pay for the presets? If not, where did you get them so someone could check them out.

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On 5/22/2022 at 7:37 PM, bannonrudis said:

EchAny ideas why?




All the outputs on that "BOGNER + DI FUZZ" preset are set to XLR Out. If  you have no monitors on the XLR out then you hear silence.


Open the preset in HX Edit  and change the output to Multi and you should be golden.


I'm not sure why this particular preset is listed as Bogner, because the amp used is a Line 6 Epic model. Oh, yeah, it also has an IR in slot 79 that isn't supplied with the patch and there isn't any info as to what it should be. It's a very odd preset, IMHO. It has 3 paths all set for guitar input, but only the top path has the Amp/Cab and IR, the other paths consist of 8 effect blocks each. Three Snapshots all named "RED", 3 Whammy pedals, 3 Mod Chorus Echo blocks, and 3 Script phasers. Totally weird, but each to their own.


Hope this helps/makes sense.




The guy who posted the Preset left a link to a video of this patch. In the comments he mentions the patch started out as one made by Glen Delaune (he sells presets) and he offered to send a guy the IR. This is probably a bad thing as the copyright on the IR may belong to Glen. Oops!




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