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HX Effects with 4-cable method


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I am considering buying a HX Effects unit for use with a Mesa Boogie Mk IV using the 4-cable method, an I need some pre-sales advice. Currently I'm using a Lexicon MPX-G2 multi-effects processor that sits in a rack immediately underneath the amp so that all connecting cables have lengths of 1 m or less - that works fine. Since the HX Effects is a floor unit, I am a bit concerned about what will happen to my tone when cables become longer, as they inevitably will.


Since I assume that many of you will be in the same boat with me, what is your experience? (How much / in how far) does this affect the tone of the guitar? Is there audible degradation in terms of dynamics or 'richness'? I am particularly concerned with the pre-gain part of the circuit, i.e., with the cable that goes from the HX Effects Send to the input of the amp are there noise issues to be expected, and how do you deal with them? Is an (external) buffer needed, or is there a buffer already built into the HX Effects? What types / lengths of cables have you been using successfully in this setting?


Maybe a bit off my own topic: Which expression pedals (except those from Line 6) work well with the unit? Which pot impedance should be used? Specifically, has anyone got experience with the Ernie Ball VP pedals together with the HX Effects?

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