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Hd500x - Jacks Vs Xlr Cables ?


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Hey guys,


Question: what is the different between the jacks and XLR cable ? I have a mixer connected to the PC but I was wondering the difference between those two connections.


Has XLR better quality or something ? Can I connect my HD500X to the mixer with those cables ? 


Thank you in advance.


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It is true that XLR is better at noise rejection, but the down side of the 500 & 500X is that the XLR cannot be switched between mic & line level output, like the 1/4" output can. I run my 500 & 500X straight into a Crown XL1000 amp, but when I tried the XLR (which I would prefer to do), found it could not provide line level signal that the amp needed to drive properly. With the 1/4" set to Line level, the amp gets what it needs to get proper signal out. I have been using the 1/4" out with a standard good quality 20 foot guitar cable with no bad affects.


From what I understand, the rack-mounted Pro & Pro X have the ability to send line level via the XLR, but I don't consider that a viable product for me, as other than a couple of differences between the 500 and the Pro, I'd need a rack, a Pro, and a foot controller added on, for a significantly higher price tage to achieve the same outcome from what I have now. If the XLR noise vs 1/4" was a biggie, I probably would have gone the Pro direction, but it has not been the case.


For mic level signals to a PA or something else with a pre-amp, XLR will be the best, as signal to noise levels are way more noticable at that volume level.


Note -- I do send to our soundman's board via the XLR out and I always lift the ground with the switch to avoid ground loop issues as Charlie pointed out...


My 2 cents.



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