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Is The Strat Model Now Fixed?

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I have bought a second hand jtv-69 and am trying to get to grips with it. I have been impressed so far with the sounds i can get out of it. However i note that there seems to be some old posts about the strat modeling on the new HD firmware. Does this effect every owner or just some owners. Also how can i check whether my model has that problem. My understanding is that one of the pickups does not work when set to quack position. I own a usa strat and use bridge and middle position a lot as i play a lot of U2 songs. Now when i played the spank model on the variax i could not get a decent quack sound. However how do i know whether this is simply the modeling of the variax or that the pickup is not working (as these are virtual pickups how does one know whether a pickup is working or not).


Also what is the fix to this issue. 


cheers for any help you can provide.

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copied from this thread:







Just want to reiterate that we are currently fixing a bug in Workbench HD v2.01.0 that can defeat the bridge pickup sound uploading models that use the bridge+middle pickup combination to the JTV. Users who have uploaded (even an unmodified) Spank-2 patch either individually or as part of a bank or bundle, will now have a patch which sounds identical to Spank 3 in that position.


Users who have not uploaded Spank-2 to the guitar via workbench will have the correct bridge+middle model based on the 1959 Stratocaster in Spank 2.


Users affected by the issue can use the following workaround to repair affected patches or create new Bridge+Middle patches:


1. Begin w/ the desired patch loaded in workbench making sure that the bridge and middle pickup slots are turned on.

2. Choose either the middle or bridge pickup and note the position, angle, level and model settings of either pickup.

3. Select the neck pickup slot (which should be OFF at this point) and enter the settings noted in the previous step.

4. The bridge/middle/neck labeling for the pickup slots may have changed dynamically at this point, note which pickup is OFF.

5. Turn OFF the pickup chosen in step 2.

6. Turn ON the pickup noted in step 4.

7. Upload this patch to the guitar.



Best regards,





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The Strat model itself was never broken in and of itself. The only way the bug shows up is if you connect to Workbench and try to load a model back on the guitar. If you don't connect to Workbench, there's nothing inherently wrong with the model. It is different than the earlier model, and this really bothers some people. But that isn't the bug.


I'm just saying this because I don't want people to have the impression the model that comes through in the 2.0 update is going to be changed. It's not. What needs to be fixed is the issue in Workbench.

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