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The flash Icon on commander center info please?


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Can somebody explain or point to a video

What's this Flash Icon on commander center?

How does it work?

What's the  switch  to press ?

Why 6 flash icon ?

Are they working in combination with other switch?





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If by "flash" icon you mean the lightning bolt icons in the top row, those are properly called "Instant Commands".

Instant Commands (ICs) run AUTOMATICALLY when the preset first loads and on every snapshot change.

There's no special switch, after the preset loads they send on snapshot change.


Once you've assigned a command (for instance, CC#3 Value 127) to an IC (IC#1 for this example), you must then declare the command details for IC#1 in EVERY Snapshot, else Helix assigns a default value. In this case the default value would be CC#0 Value 0.


If you declare the same commands in every snapshot, Helix will NOT re-send the command on every snapshot change. The command will ONLY be re-sent if a snapshot is configured to send a DIFFERENT command on THAT IC.


For example - IC#1 is assigned to send CC#3 Value 127 on EVERY snapshot EXCEPT Snapshot4, which sends CC#3 with a Value of 0. Assuming that the preset has been saved with Snapshot1 as default, CC#3 Value 127 will be sent when the preset loads. It will not be sent again UNLESS you switch to Snapshot4 which will send CC#3 Value 0. Switching to any other snapshot FROM Snapshot4 will again send CC#3 Value 127.


Once a command TYPE (PC,CC, etc) is assigned to an IC, that IC can ONLY send THAT command TYPE.

IOW - If IC#1 is assigned to send CC, it sends CC in EVERY snapshot.


There are 6 ICs so that you can instantly send 6 different commands, custom to each snapshot, each following the rules explained above.





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