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Digital "squank" on certain models

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I can get most of the models on my JTV 59 to sound pretty good. I do have a question about the "squank" on the 12 string models and sometimes on a few others. I assume you guys know what I matter how I pick on the 12 string, there is this little "Squank." It is mostly on single note stuff. On a chord it is much less noticeable. Any ideas?

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Acoustic 12-string whistling howl would be tuning or intonation needs to be dialed in.

Warbling is a result of pick-up height adjustments. Sometimes referred to as zwiggabibble or squank.

And Squonk is a song by the band Genesis.


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I by myself managed meanwhile to dial in a good tone with the Martins by using EQs (and the Preamp) on the Helix.
But I hear something strange using the F212 - do you mean that?
Also I like the magnetic pickups of my JTV 69 S TS more than the Spank-Model.

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My JTV59-US has P90s and I have found that the Special is pretty spot on if I go back and forth between the mags or the digital. I think there is something about the digital not being able to do the upper octave on the low strings when doing either the acoustic or electric 12 string. I don't hear it much in the high strings or if I "capo" up to the 5th string on a 12 string model. 

I play it everyday but have not gigged on it as I am trying to program my Helix rack with the Variax. I know that I can use the guitar sounds (along with one "normal" guitar) but putting the Variax in setlists is taking some time to learn.


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