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Helix not working as an audio interface


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I am running into an issue where my laptop refuses to recognize Helix as an audio interface/device I can output audio to. For example, when I try to listen to audio via the headphones plugged in to my Helix, the audio plays through my laptop speakers instead. This wasn't the case when I had a laptop that used Windows 10. Unfortunately, I no longer have that laptop.


I looked inside Windows Device Manager and found the following errors (see images below). I looked them up but don't know how to resolve them. I also tried the update drivers option but it says that all the drivers are up to date. I have redownloaded HX Edit 3 times now, once after disabling Windows Smart Screen, and it hasn't made any difference. I have also tried every available USB port on my laptop. I am running Windows 11 as my operating system, and I verified that it is supported for HX Edit 3.15.


I am very confused about how to resolve this and would greatly appreciate any help.

Screenshot 2022-06-04 195927.png

Screenshot 2022-06-04 200003.png

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Uninstall all of your Line 6 Software using Windows Control Panel Programs Uninstaller. Before doing so be sure to Back Up any Presets you may wish to later Restore.


Download again and Install vers 3.15 Helix Edit. Allow it to install all software and drivers. When complete, reconnect your Helix hardware and allow HX Edit to identify your Helix hardware and reinstall the Firmware and configure Win 11 for your Helix Device. Once this is complete, check the Audio device selected by Win 11 via Settings (Win Button + I > Sound) , or use the Speaker Icon (if you have that displayed in the System Tray), to select the Helix as your Sound device. 

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Those are the messages you get when the HX Edit version it's trying to load doesn't match the Firmware version on the Helix, but it can also occur when your computer security software won't authorize it to load, so check both of those items.  Turn off any security and see if it loads.

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