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Cheap Laptop to run HX Edit on?


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I've posted before about this but my problem is now worse.  I have a support ticket in with Line 6/yamaha but I can't imagine them helping.  Hey maybe they will but .... 


I have a helix which is fantastic.  It is updated and its 2 months old.  When I updated to Mac OS Monterey my USB connection turned to total garbage.  I haven't been able to connect to to Mac in over a week.  I have 2 weeks until our next gig and I need to be able to quickly modify setlists and move on.  (I know I can do all this on the floor unit but damn I dont like that)


I'm guessing it is either a Mac OS issue (which I tried to restore to Sierra but my restore gets a failure), or some sort of audio interface issue (have all this sound flower stuff on my Mac and I have no idea how to get it off), or perhaps there is something wrong with the USB connections (I've tried multiple connectors).  Basically im stuck.  I just deleted HX edit and downloaded it again.  "no device connected" is my error that I always see now.  


The only thing I have not done is erased the helix and started from scratch on everything.   It just doesn't seem like a Helix issue to me and with our busy gigging schedule I'm terrified of losing something and not backing up correctly.




I'm ready to go buy a cheap PC laptop and have it dedicated to my Helix.  I could connect to the internet on day 1 and download HX Helix then turn off the internet, and never update anything again.  I'm happy with my Helix and HX edit as is and I dont need all the fancy upgrades and new releases.  I can make due and play amazing with what I have.   


Has anyone done this?  Just a cheap PC laptop with a USP connector to speak to the helix?  


I'm really frustrated.   



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On 6/14/2022 at 7:25 PM, lespool79 said:

Has anyone done this?  Just a cheap PC laptop with a USP connector to speak to the helix?  


I can't speak for the Helix (because i don't have one). But, yes, I have a device that travels with me so I can make adjustments on the road. 

My specific L6 product needed a "full version of Windows". It would not work on some of those portable versions of Windows (I believe it was called Windows CE) that are found on cheap computers. Certainly no netbook type of device would work either.  

So, really, know what you are getting before you get it. It may not work.

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