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May stupid, but very urgent question


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I'm planning to buy a Variax electric guitar. But in my head is sparkling continuously a question I cannot get answered:

All the Variax guitars are said to be able to perfectly simulate the sound af all famous guitars. Then, why should I bother - regarding the guitar sound - about which Variax guitar I should choose? I mean humbucker or single coil, Shuriken, Standard, James Tyler.....?


There is bound to be a simple answer to my question, so please help me out!




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It's a matter of taste regarding what style of body, switch configuration, pick-ups and physical lay out that you like.

A Gibson person,... the 59, traditional Fender blues or rock,... the 69. At that point it's a matter of personal taste.


And the Workbench HD app is good when you want to mix things up and go pretty much where you like with modifications.


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On 6/17/2022 at 8:37 AM, fruijter7777 said:

are said to be able to perfectly simulate the sound of all famous guitars

"are said..." would be the keywords here. They come fairly close on certain models and not even in the ballpark on others. For me I like a Les Paul sound, so I have a JTV-59 and use the variax for other sounds. When I want a "real" guitar sound, I use the magnetics.

That being said, I also have a Shuriken. I know it is all digital modeling, but I swear I hear a little difference in the two using the same models. Like a Les Paul Special sounds a little "sharper" on the Shuriken than on the JTV-59. It seems crazy to me and maybe that is a trick my ears a playing on me as it shouldn't matter. Still, if there is a difference, it is incredibly slight....I like the feel of the Shuriken for certain styles. It is easier to  do fast legato stuff on it.

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