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MIDI controller for Catalyst 100


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I am considering Line6 Catalyst amp for live performing. I want to use a midi foot controller to change presets just with 1 (or 2) foot touches. I have a Behringer FCB1010 (MIDI 5 pin IN and OUT).

Since Catalyst 60 doesn't have a MIDI 5 pin socket, I am forced to go for a 100, which costs 100€ more, but this is fine if I can get it to work


So, I would appreciate some hints on how to set up everything: the catalyst, the foot controller, defining the presets (using Catalyst Edit app, I suppose), and loading some presets into the amp (so I won't need the computer in live performance)


Maybe is there a manual on all that? 




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I've been using the FCB1010 for over 10 years to control all sorts of things.

I control my Catalyst with MIDI from my Helix but could easily configure the FCB to do it.


I can help you with this, but first a few questions:

Does your FCB have the stock chip or something else?

If something else then what?

How much experience do you have with MIDI?

IOW - do you know the types and functions of the various (basic) MIDI messages (PC and CC)?


What editor are you using? I won't even try to help you if you're not using an editor.

Not like it can't be done, I've just seen that movie too many times to want to see it again.

The best editor is the UNO_ControlCenter which costs <>$25 here:


FCB/UnO Control Center for the Behringer FCB1010


You can try using one of the free editors, but unless you value your time VERY cheaply, get the UNO_ControlCenter.


Yes, it will work with the stock chip. However, not all MIDI Interfaces will work with an editor.

What MIDI Interface are you using?


Awaiting your reply...



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my answers:

stock chip

I used the FCB to change presets in Guitar Rig (hosted by REAPER)... but I can't remember how I achieved it. I used banks for several songs, one or more presets for every song

I played with basic midi messages in score notation software like Sibelius, Finale . Now I am on Musescore, but I haven't dealt with midi topics yet. For detailed browsing of a song (in MIDI format) I used Anvil Studio.


I thought I would only need the Catalyst Edit to be controlled from FCB 




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Catalyst Edit merely loads what's on the Catalyst and allows you to configure it in a GUI.

What you're controlling with MIDI is the Catalyst itself.


You've listed a whole lot of stuff you might want to control.

You'll need to decide exactly how you want to use your FCB.

With the stock chip you can send 5 PC messages, 1 or 2 CC messages (depending upon exactly what type - only 1 if toggling) and 1 Note.

They can all be sent on different MIDI Channels, to control different HW/SW.

Complex and detailed strategy is required when using more than one HW/SW.


To control Catalyst you'll need at least 2 FCB Banks.

Here's what a very basic configuration might look like.


FCB Bank 00

FS5-10 select:

FS5 -   Cat Bank1 ChA

FS6 -   Cat Bank1 ChB

FS7 -   Cat Bank2 ChA

FS8 -   Cat Bank2 ChB

FS9 -   Cat Bank3 ChA

FS10 - Cat Bank3 ChB


FCB Bank 01 selects Catalyst Banks 4-6 A/B


In both FCB Banks:

FS1 Toggles GATE

FS2 Toggles BOOST

FS3 Toggles EFFECT

FS4 Toggles REVERB


Exp A = Volume

Exp B = Expression


Again, this is a very basic configuration, there's lots more you can do with MIDI and Catalyst but, as mentioned, you have some strategerizing to do!





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On 6/22/2022 at 2:11 PM, amarch said:

thanks, I think I shall go for the FCB/UNO you mentioned





Keep in mind what I said about MIDI Interfaces. While the UNO_ControlCenter editor works fine with the stock FCB chip, it may or may not work with your MIDI interface, which you still haven't specified so I can't say either way.


Also and FYI, FCB/UNO usually refers to an FCB with the UNO chip.

If you haven't already, you should probably sign up here: | Home


There's also an UNO group there should you decide to upgrade your chip.



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