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Setting volume for live gig


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My live setup: Bass, Helix LT, Ampeg SVT. 

Please forgive me if I use the wrong verbiage or terminology. I am experimenting with running 2 signal paths. Path 1 uses compression, EQ, light distortion, and reverb (routed to the XLR output). Path 2 uses the same compression and EQ setting but without the distortion and reverb (routed to the 1/4 in output). Path 1 goes to the FOH and path 2 goes to my amp.  How do I set the output levels and the master volume on the Helix so the FOH gets a good signal and my amp gets a good volume too? The last 2 times I gigged with setup the stage monitors were distorting as if the speakers were blown. 

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On 6/19/2022 at 6:50 PM, calelitecoach said:

The last 2 times I gigged with setup the stage monitors were distorting as if the speakers were blown


STEP ONE: If the mixer has phantom power engaged... that "can be" the result. Turn if off on your channel and it if can't be turned off - you will need to use a Direct Box between your Helix and the FOH/Monitors. The Helix does not like Phantom Power!


STEP TWO: If phantom power is not the issue, then it is a GAIN issue.  FOH & Monitor Consoles all come with "trims/input gain" controls, and many also come with PADs. The tech should now how to use those when required.


If not - you still have options that you can control at your Helix. 

  1. Set the BIG volume to only control what is given to the AMP.... 
  2. This will set the XLR outputs to FULL.... (stay with me... this provides a consistent signal to the FOH)
  3. If the XLR outs are too HOT they are likely set to LINE... instead, set them to "mic/instrument level" in global settings. That will lower them by about 12db. 

If you still need finer control over the level going to the FOH/Monitors.... try this (only works if you are not using the global EQ)

  1. Engage the Global EQ on the HELIX
  2. Set it to the XLR outputs only
  3. Leave all EQ settings flat.... you don't want to change your tone. 
  4. Turn the LEVEL of the Global EQ down so it doesn't clip the input of the FOH/Monitor board. Somewhere between -6db and -12db should get the job done. 
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