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HX EFFECTS - Error -8212 on HX Edit - FW 3.15


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Hello Line 6 Collaborative Community!



Windows 10 64bit

32Gbs RAM


Last June 2021 I, tried to use FX Edit - but kept getting error -8212. Wouldn't load the patches to edit - I could see the patch names though...


Support said to upgrade FW to 2.82? but couldn't get HX Updater to back up my patches - kept having errors. I did it anyway... Still couldn't get HX Edit to load my patches - same error -8212.


Support said I needed to factory reset my system. 


Didn't have the heart to lose my patches, so I left it alone.


Tried again this week (June 2022) - same problem, but I upgraded the FW to 3.15 - same -8212 error code


Decided to bite the bullet and reset the system to factory (Power On+ FS6 + Tuner) - watched it reset and watched my patches GO BYE BYE




Any ideas or solutions that other folks have found?


Thanks in advance

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Update to HX Edit v3.15.

In HX Edit, lower left corner, there's a ? . Click that. Click ABOUT. You can now see BOTH the Device's FW version AND the HX Edit version.

They need to match.

FYI - the UPDATER only updates the FW. It does NOT update HX Edit, nor is it used to backup presets. You use HX Edit for that.


EDIT: When updating the FW be sure to follow ALL of the directions EXACTLY!

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